Expert Witness in IT and Web Technologies

Today marks another milestone in my life as a Technologist.  I was asked at the last minute to testify in the Virgin Islands Superior Court on an Internet matter involving domain ownership.  I was sworn in and qualified as Expert witness in Information Technology and Web Technologies.  It’s official !  I am an Expert in the eyes of the Law !!!

I was assured that I did a good job and now can put that under my belt.

Some things to consider if you are going to testifiy in court

  • Guys wear a blazer or a suite. That place is has the AC set to high.  After about 30 minutes my fingers began to tingle.
  • Do not ramble on.  Answer the question and only the question.  I know us techies like to elaborate, but don’t !  Imagine you are doing one line logic tests.  If asked X then respond Y.  No elseif. No grouped responses.
  • The court physical layout are not like TV (e.g Court Judy or Matlock).  In fact it was quite efficient in it’s design and function.  A lot of curves and smart use of space.


Let’s see what doors this opens.


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