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Not good for future Innovation

The current education system in general does not encourage experimentation.  99% of my knowledge has been through me destroying my share of hardware.   This will not help future innovation.

Schoolgirl tries science experiment, arrested for felony

A teenage girl puts two household chemicals in a water bottle at school to see what might happen. There is a small explosion. No one is hurt. She is expelled and charged with weapons possession.”


Tool of the Day – Boomerang for Gmail

The tool that i use every day is Boomerang for Gmail.   I use it to schedule emails that would rather get to the recipient later.  It’s nice for when you don’t need the recipient to respond immediately.

Stanford’s free tech support Tip Jar

In the past I have given a lot of free tech support to both friends, family and other.  And while I enjoy sharing my skills, I realize that it can be at times taken for granted.  Even worse I have had to do it at the detriment of my own business.  A situation that I cannot continue.  So to save my sanity, I have created a tip Jar and it will be my method of getting compensated for the valuable tech support that I have given to many of of you in the past.  I am not asking for a kings ransom, but I will let the invisible hand of the free market dictate who gets my my free tech support in the future.

If you have received free tech support in the past, you are encouraged to leave something to show my work has some value.

Thank you.

Here is the link to leave a tip !!


ICTFest in the AG

I went down to my homeland of Antigua and Barbuda for ICTFest 2012 and here is  quick rundown of what happened.

  • Learned about Microsoft Windows 8 and MS Server 2012
  • Heard the Minister of Technology (Edmon Mansoor) announce that every 5th Former (American equivalent of a 12th Grader) was getting an iPad and Internet connectivity from Digicel
  • There is an OECS mandate to create a regional e-Government system for the Leeward Islands
  • I took part in two rounds of PC assembly where the rules were to take down a PC in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately both times I was disqualified because the CPU was not removed(first one I got the heat-sink out, but not the CPU and couple of cables; second round: I got everything out with one minute to go and I still got bogged down with damn heat-sink which was not the like the first PC !)  My take away: stick with the big picture infrastructure research, design and development !!
  • While there is an obvious push for technology to be part of the Antigua’s future, there was very few Open Source/Free Software presence.  Only a couple of folks asked about the the presence of Ubuntu during Q&A for some of the seminars.
  • I also didn’t see any push for Open Hardware development
  • Antigua has at least a STM-1 (Digicel ?) of fiber coming into the island. This is equivalent to an OC-3 for the US.

I will put up more as I remember.

What Makes Us Significant

An excellent post by my big sister !!!

Highlights :

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Try to soften the weaknesses;
  • Broadcast your strengths;
  • Keep producing content that show your strengths;
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself;
  • Even if you are not producing content, give your opinion;
  • Have fun, get out there and be adventurous;
  • Be the best at something;
  • Even if it sounds stupid and it might not work, do it anyway;
  • Make people laugh;
  • Be compassionate and show that you care;
  • Make a lot of friends, you never know when you might need them on your side;


    Texting from the PC

    MightyText is by far one of my favorite services/apps.  This service allows me to send and receive texts on my PC.   The functionality comes in great when I want to stay at my full PC keyboard, rather than physically picking up my cellphone.

    The service installs an App on your smartphone(Android for now) . Then you install an app in the browser(Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari), and boom !  Your set !

    I have used this for tech support and archival purposes. Yes I now have a way of keeping my old text messages !