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3D printing Tip of the decade

Having been 3D printing for nearly 5 years and if there is one thing I will save everyone’s ass is never leave a print job, until you see the first layer gets printed.   That first layer is about 80% of the chance of a successful print.

Legacy/slow tech

My feelings when it comes to building systems is that you at certain times, use legacy/old/slow hardware.  If you can get it working ok and to your needs, then you can move it to newer/faster iron.  By that time, it will be optimized and worth the initial effort.

Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? Depends on where you’re from.

I always suspected that culture defines how technology is implemented.  The priorities that many in the West have differ greatly with that of Asian and African countries.   In many cases clashes. This is one of the many challenges when it comes to the implementation  of solutions to localized problems.

via MIT Review


Survival mode

I realized that I was fooling myself into thinking where I was on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  

I kept thinking that I had met and satisfied my  physiological, safety, longing/belonging, and esteem needs. 

While some are met, the idea that I had the luxury of self-actualization without insuring the requisite needs is what could have been bothering me for most of my life. Scarier even, is that I am now seeing how it could be the root of so many of society’s current ills.

This thinking came after reading the article in the New York Times, In praise of mediocrity. My take away is that I (we ?) have fooled our selves into thinking we in the Western Civilization, have ascended to top levels of the hierarchy because we have “overcome the exigencies of brute survival.”

I have not.   I used to think so.   I am no where close. 

This is not even a case for the often mentioned mantra Hustle and Grind.  This is a call for the return to the basics.  To identify what my needs are as a human being and then solve the problems that in the way of those needs.

Time to go into survival mode.

Long time ….

Been a while since I made a post on my own website.  While I can say it was due to work, I was posting stuff to FB.  No problem.  Time to return to the real world.

Time to get my projects of the drawing board and into reality.

Fix for MS update that breaks RDP

MS and their BS !!

Damn MS update broke a number of my clients remote desktop logins.

Got this P$ script from  at this  website.

Tested and works !!

$Rootpath = 'HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\'
if (!(test-path -path $Rootpath)) { New-Item -Path $Rootpath | out-null }
if (!(test-path -path ($Rootpath + "\CredSSP"))) { New-Item -Path ($Rootpath + "\CredSSP") | out-null
$FinalPath = ($Rootpath + "\CredSSP\Parameters")
if (!(test-path -path $finalpath)) { New-Item -Path $finalpath | out-null }
if (get-itemproperty -path $finalpath -name "AllowEncryptionOracle" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
#It exists. Make sure it's set to 2
Set-ItemProperty -Path $finalpath -name "AllowEncryptionOracle" -Value 2 | out-null
} else {
#Add it!
New-ItemProperty -Path $finalpath -name "AllowEncryptionOracle" -PropertyType Dword -Value 2 | out-null