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Setup of RaspberryPI — Island Style !!

I have been using the Raspberry Pi system for a while and been impressed with this little thing.  I have been keeping it under wraps for a variety of (stupdid) reasons.  I have now decided to open up my work and projects.

Today installing Raspbian


32 Cheat codes for the real life !!

4. Always make friends / be nice to your IT people.

16. Set your browser’s homepage to a random Wikipedia page. Mysteries await!

21. If you gently rock back and forth while pooping it will take significantly less time and make it easier to pass more “troublesome” movements.   (No shit ?!)

32. Babywipes. In. The. Bathroom. Game Changer.

Via Buzfeed

The Penguin has smashed Windows…….

Interesting article detailing how MS Windows is now dead.  Effectively the dream that many in the GNU/Linux community has come true.  What is amazing is that while the Penguin has smashed Windows, it appears it did this by tossing the Google rings  at it !

By purchasing Nokia’s smartphone division, Microsoft has killed its signature strategy.


MarkZ watch your back !!!

I am officially adding this young man to me list of folks I want to have dinner with !  I am even more inspired to keep doing what I am doing !

(KTVI) – Jaylen Bledsoe is a 15-year-old sophomore at Hazelwood West High School who started his own tech company that is now worth $3.5 million in just three years. Jaylen sat down with John Pertzborn to explain how he starting building a company when he was only 12.