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Guidelines of Technology in the Islands…..a philosphical viewpoint …Alpha Version

So I have been thinking about solving problems in the Islands, specifically the Caribbean, and I thought why not come up with certain guidelines that would govern implementations. This is based on a philosophy that i know will counter some.  Call this my flag in the ground. Wy I feel this is a great time to do this is because I have now accepted that my views can change an i don’t need to be “principled”.

Here are the cornerstones of theses guidelines.

  • Openness
  • Freedom
  • Mericratic decided
  • Resource based


Here are my suggested guidlines

  • Information if Free
  • Recycle as much resources (Hardware/Software)
  • Stay as local as possible
  • (more to come)

A Blackberry Passport in the lab

Been doing some testing of the Blackberry Passport and must say, I am quite impressed.

Pluses :

  • Running Android Apps (via Amazon Store and 3rd Party Sources)
  • Big screen
  • Physical Keyboard
  • Keyboard that can be swiped !

Negatives :

  • It’s a Blackberry ! 🙂

Can technology solve the problems of the Caribbean?

As a Technologist, I wonder if the problems in the Caribbean can be solved by technology. The short answer is yes. For this reason, it is my mandate in life to implement technical solutions to various facets of my life and hopefully, those around me can learn and adapt to the new paradigm that the region will have to adhere to.