Monthly Archives: November 2014

Fixed a server with soldering iron

Some time ago, I was hired to try and revive a server that died.  It was an old Dell server that running as a Windows Domain Controller.

This was the boot up screen.



After a lot of research, I discovered in a forum that the specific SCSI card was prone to bulging capacitors.  Obviously the dust doesn’t help.





So being the true geek that I am, I went searching through my pile and found the specific replacement capacitors and heated up my soldering iron.



End results …… happy customer !fixed_card_2

Hmmm….. How Iron Man’s Arc Reactor (Probably) Works

Sci-fi today is Science tomorrow….

Since the Iron Man arc reactor is a fictitious device, and it has no official scientific explanation in the Iron Man canon that I’m aware of, we might as well something up. Now, I’m mixing real science and fake science here. So physics nerds and comic-book nerds: Deal with it.

[via gizmodo]

Microsoft’s campus patroled by a robot

The future is here

Showing a rather shocking disregard for the long-term safety of human civilization, Microsoft has become one of the first companies to deploy autonomous robot security guards. Dubbed the K5, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus was being policed last week by five of these roughly human-sized 300-pound (136 kg) robots, each equipped with enough cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and alarms that they can replace most human security patrols.