Monthly Archives: October 2011

Apple Mac Air in the Techlab

On the day that Steve Jobs left this existince, a part of him entered the Techlab.

For the first time ever, I own an Apple Macbook.  It is not a matter that I am an Apple Hater. I just was not crazy about Apple’s almost draconian control over their systems.  But that was the past.  Ever since they moved to the Intel x86 architecture, based the new OS on BSD(I am die heard FreeBSD fan) and last but not least allowed for the dual booting with Windows 7, I had no excuse not to have one in my Techlab.

My take on the system is that it is very impressive and I now see why the Mac die-hards by this system.  As I am currently traveling(home in Antigua for Mom’s B-Day and some R&R), I must say that many of the features of the Mac have been a big plus.  The ability to ‘snap back on’ after you open it is almost a shock to me.  My Lenovo Win7 netbook creeps back on, even with an SSD drive.  Applicaiton installations is  very smooth. The terminal is a treat since I am command line junkie(I am at heart a developer after-all)

There is much more to explore in this new world that Steve has created and I hope to do justice by learning it and using it to innovate even more.

If you have any suggestions on things to do with the Mac Air, leave a comment.