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Reality Check – Are You Ready For Your Future?

This is the new reality. Live with it !

  • No private sector organization will hire you full-time if they don’t need you full time.
  • Temp gigs are booming but, unlike the old days, temporary “jobs” are no longer the harbinger of so-called permanent jobs to come.
  • No large company is any safer than any smaller company in terms of providing job security.
  • No end is in sight for the economic change the U.S. is facing.
  • You may not count on yesterday’s competencies and skills to get you to the future.
  • Jobs themselves, and compensation for all forms of work, are no longer longevity-driven.
  • None of us, of any age, can afford to overlook the fact that we are an aging nation.
  • The likelihood is strong that you will cycle with increasing frequency between various ways to work throughout your working years.

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