Monthly Archives: March 2013

Stanford’s free tech support Tip Jar

In the past I have given a lot of free tech support to both friends, family and other.  And while I enjoy sharing my skills, I realize that it can be at times taken for granted.  Even worse I have had to do it at the detriment of my own business.  A situation that I cannot continue.  So to save my sanity, I have created a tip Jar and it will be my method of getting compensated for the valuable tech support that I have given to many of of you in the past.  I am not asking for a kings ransom, but I will let the invisible hand of the free market dictate who gets my my free tech support in the future.

If you have received free tech support in the past, you are encouraged to leave something to show my work has some value.

Thank you.

Here is the link to leave a tip !!