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Tech problems of the future….

I was in the garage with the engine on for 3 hours before I realised you can’t commit suicide in an electric car.

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I am now a dealer …..

I have introduced friends to #Netflix and now they are addicts. They are finding all sorts of content(e.g documentaries) that they would never had access.

Damn you Reed Hastings…..

I…. feel….dirty…

Yet another major ISP is using your cable modem to offer free WiFi hotspots

Something is just wrong with this.

Several Internet Service Providers in the United States use subscribers’ cable modems to broadcast free WiFi hotspots to other customers in the area. While notes about this practice are always buried somewhere in terms and conditions or other notices, subscribers are often unaware of this practice. And as might be expected, they’re often taken aback when they learn for the first time that their Internet connections are being used to provide strangers with free WiFi.