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A useless machine….

“If you can’t build a useless machine, how can you build a useful one ?”

– Stanford Mings



Need to have your computer fixed ?

People hear that I am technology consultant, and ask me to fix their computers.  This is my questionnaire from now on.

  • Is it running windows XP ? Get a new computer
  • Is it more than 5 years old ? Get a new computer
  • Is it less than 4 years ago ?  Google the problem. It’s what I am going to do anyway.
  • Did you buy it less than a year ago ? Contact the vendor once you still have the original receipt
  • Is it a Mac ? You have to get new computer


Which brings up to the big question….

  • Will I fix your computer ? No.
  • Why ?
    • Because computers as of recent are designed to fail after their warranty. It is called planned obsolescence. Google it.
    • The time that it would take to determine the problem and fix it, would make it cost prohibitive.
    • And the most important reason, once I touch it, you will want me to fix every thing on it. At a discount.


To repeat ……


Want to blame someone ?

  • Predatory capitalism
  • Planned Obsolesce


Life is better with Open Source

In my humble opinion ….

A nice internet speed test tool for IT professionals

This is a great tool for folks who know how to interpret the data.  Be warned, if you use this and on’t know what it it means, you are the same folks that will go on WebMD and then tell your doctor what prescription you need.


In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon (/ˈdiːmən/ or /ˈdeɪmən/)[1] is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user.

Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI

With much of our attention focused the rise of advanced artificial intelligence, few consider the potential for radically amplified human intelligence (IA). It’s an open question as to which will come first, but a technologically boosted brain could be just as powerful — and just as dangerous – as AI.


via io9