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Robotena: The nurse robot that can move the injured away from snipers on the streets of Syria

The inspiration of the robot is from seeing a man trying to save an injured woman lying in the middle of a street of Aleppo with a long metal pole. She had been shot by the snipers. we have never forgotten the look of desperation on his face trying to save her. Then it clicked, static objects we had been taught from our academic years ‘putting brains to the metal’. This triggered an idea where we started to research the human loss of life, in trying to save people in the battlefield. The results were shocking: sometimes four people would try to save the injured person, but would all die trying from various dangers such as snipers and shrapnel.

The robot works by retrieving casualties via a grabbing system working remotely from a safe distance. The arms will retrieve the injured person and bring him/her to safety for treatment by the field medic, without resulting in any additional human loss of life who most of them are civilian.

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