Need to have your computer fixed ?

People hear that I am technology consultant, and ask me to fix their computers.  This is my questionnaire from now on.

  • Is it running windows XP ? Get a new computer
  • Is it more than 5 years old ? Get a new computer
  • Is it less than 4 years ago ?  Google the problem. It’s what I am going to do anyway.
  • Did you buy it less than a year ago ? Contact the vendor once you still have the original receipt
  • Is it a Mac ? You have to get new computer


Which brings up to the big question….

  • Will I fix your computer ? No.
  • Why ?
    • Because computers as of recent are designed to fail after their warranty. It is called planned obsolescence. Google it.
    • The time that it would take to determine the problem and fix it, would make it cost prohibitive.
    • And the most important reason, once I touch it, you will want me to fix every thing on it. At a discount.


To repeat ……


Want to blame someone ?

  • Predatory capitalism
  • Planned Obsolesce


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