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Acoustic Tractor Beam

Tractor Beams are mysterious waves that can attract particles towards the source. Here, we will show you how to build an Acoustic Tractor Beam with components that can be bought directly on the Internet for less than 75$.

With this Instructable you will be able to get in your hands a device that it was only seen on SciFi movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek.

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I am building the world…

…that I want live in. Not waiting for the future…

DIY Water gauge

This a project is for a friend was concerned about how much water was in her cistern.  I decided to use a rangefinder to measure the water level and then email this value.  I also 3D printed a case for the Raspberry Pi.

This is currently a work in progress.


  • Hardware
    • Arduino
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Ultrasonic Rangefinder
    • Wifi Dongle
    • Powered USB Hub
    • Cables
    • Power Blocks
  • Softwre
    • Raspberian
    • Custom Code
  • Services
    • Email Server (SMTP Relay)


Ultrasonic Rangefinder




Rasperry Pi + Arduino + Powered USB Hub



  • Graph Data (Google Spreadsheets)
  • Enclosure for Rasperry Pi, Arduino,Powered USB Hub (3D Printed)